THREADS // Fashion Artbook

Artbook international avec du frenchy dedans

Help us fund a collaborative artbook celebrating fantasy fashion, including exclusive works and tutorials by 15 international artists!

‘Threads’ will be a full colour, 132-page, A4 size softcover book, consisting of:

  • 30 pages of exclusive illustrations specifically created for the project

Two brand new illustrations per artist have been dedicated to our fantasy fashion theme!

  • 60 pages of pure, uninterrupted gallery images

In addition to their Threads pictures, each featured artist has four full pages of artwork for you to enjoy, ranging from their own personal favourites to 100% new artwork never before published (in print or online).

  • 30 pages of exclusive tutorials and walkthroughs

We aimed to create a book that is not only enjoyable for art-lovers, but helpful for artists too! That’s why each artist has included two full pages of tutorials, covering everything from digital painting, inking, watercolour, step-by-step illustrations and more!

  • 12 pages dedicated to our guest artists and our Kickstarter Backers!

While we’re still recruiting guest artists (more will be announced shortly), our remaining 12 pages will also feature the names of each of our Kickstarter backers – more information can be found further down!

This project has been in motion for a few months now, with over two thirds of the book already completed – now we need your help to gather the funds to print it!

Click on the image to visit the artist’s website~

With special guest artists (more to be confirmed!):

Guest artists will each have a page to showcase one or more of their works, contained in the ‘guest gallery’ section of the book~

How do I pledge…?

Simply choose your reward on the right and enter the total you’d like to pledge. Please note, Kickstarter will not charge you until our goal is reached, and you can always change your pledge/back out later!

Where will my pledge go?

At 132 full colour pages, ‘Threads’ will be quite a hefty book – therefore over 80% of the money raised from Kickstarter will go towards proofing and printing a first edition run (plus the accompanying goodies). We then hope to stock the book at a number of independant retailers as well as offer them for sale at major conventions and events around Europe, but that’s only if we can jump the initial Kickstarter hurdle!

The £10,000 goal is broken down into the following:

Book proofing, printing, packing and shipping – 75%

Printing extras/goodies – 5%

Kickstarter/bank/misc fees – 10%

Artist fees – 10%

Even a small pledge will mean the world of difference to our project, so please consider backing us!

Can I pledge even if I’m from outside Europe?

Of course! Kickstarter can convert your pledge from your local currency into pounds. The only thing you will need to add is an extra bit for shipping (£2-£5), which is indicated under each pledge.

To give you an idea of the book’s price, we have estimated the cost as about $51 USD / €40 EUR including shipping.

Additionally, if we go over our target goal we hope to add a number of special bonuses to every order~

Digital Sketch – £15

Add £15 to your pledge to recieve a digital sketch via email of you or a chosen character by one of the following artists:

Negshin / Tincek / Kiru / Antique-Teacup / Erebun / Denoro / Megu / Eternal S / Kutty Sark

How do I add a sketch to my pledge?

Simply select your pledge/reward on the right, and add £15 on top of that (plus any shipping).

For example, if you’d like one book and a £15 sketch sent to the USA you would select ‘BOOK ONLY’ as the reward, and enter the total pledge as £52 (£32 book, £5 shipping, £15 sketch):

When the campaign has ended you will receive a survey by email in which you can confirm the details of your order.

Pledges that include digital rewards like the wallpaper/video downloads will be emailed to you when they become available (see the ‘estimated delivery’ under each pledge). Print/book pledges will be shipped out via Airmail when they arrive.

IMPORTANT: The prices for each pledge include shipping to the UK and Europe, you will only need to add the additional shipping cost if you live outside of these areas (USA + Worldwide).

If you are from Europe, you may have to choose ‘UK’ as a shipping option to avoid the shipping fee!

*Please double check the total, as Kickstarter sometimes adds the extra/correct shipping by default depending on your country!


Standard Airmail is included in the shipping price, however if you’d like to have your order tracked please add this amount to the shipping on your pledge:

UK / Europe – £5

USA / Worldwide – £8

So for example for book orders to the USA, the total would be £32 (book) + £5 (international shipping) + £8 (tracking) = £45

Even if you aren’t able to pledge, you can still help by sharing our posts on social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Deviantart! Any support is greatly appreciated~



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