Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope

A space station simulation roguelike-like strategy game. Inspired by Babylon 5 and Faster Than Light.

Immerse yourself in an alternate universe and take command of the newly built Battlestation, designed to be the last defense for earth against oncoming threat. A sci-fi roguelike game with a rich and deep story – welcome to the Battlestation universe!

With every new game being a new story, Battlestation offers a new, fresh experience every time, driven by modern roguelike gameplay. All the features implemented in Battlestation give you many strategic options and a significant depth to the game for you to explore.

In a universe with 4 known species and an unknown approaching darkness you are called upon to defend humanity, with its last best hope to survive. The Battlestation.

Not only will you be defending against relentless attacks, but you will also lead away missions to investigate derelict ships, to discover new technology, to assist mining outposts, save crew in distress, deal with traps, and other unforeseen events.

Inspired by character creation in Fallout, Mass Effect and Icewind Dale, Battlestation gives you the opportunity to create and develop the skills and personality of a true leader.

You have 4 types of skills:

  • Warfare – Command military assets.
  • Engineering – Construct and repair your station.
  • Research – Develop new technology.
  • Diplomacy – Haggle with, beg, or threaten your alien neighbors.

Depending on how you choose to grow as a character, gaining experience and improving specific skills, you will develop a different personality throughout each game affecting the outcome in a variety of ways.

As the first commander of the specially built Battlestation you get to decide the layout. Order your engineer teams to build both standard facilities and special installations acquired through research or alien technology.

You can build:

  • Hangars
  • Shield generators
  • Internal security stations
  • Laboratories
  • Various cannons both human and alien technology.

Taking a page out of the Alien trilogy and numerous episodes of your favorite scifi series, you can use your biological scanner to detect movement of your own troops and enemy infiltrators. Command your teams and battle inside the Battlestation, or aboard enemy ships. Take the fight from outer space into the inner areas of your Battlestation, as well as of alien ships.

By constructing a hangar you can build ships, launching anything from fighters to freighters to dreadnoughts at the enemy. Inspired by Master of Orion 2, you can choose how to equip them, adding different types of hull, weapons, shield, transport pods, and more. New technologies and alien artifacts can make every ship even more unique.

Both your Battlestation and your ships need able officers to run them. Just like in hit games like Jagged Alliance, you can recruit a wide range of characters to manage engineering, research, piloting and tactical squads. Each officer adds a bonus and special abilities to the equipment and drones that you control. Your progress and the story that you tell through your actions dictate the availability of officers, making them that much more valuable to you when they appear.

Humans have always reached for the stars, always pushing the technological frontier. Battlestation comes with a standard human technology tree, enriched by alien artifacts and technologies. These alien technologies may open up entirely new branches of science, leading to even more unique gameplay.

“It’s all a game — a paper fantasy of names and borders. Only one thing matters, Commander. Blood calls out for blood.” Londo Mollari, Babylon 5

Battlestation introduces you to new races and provides for a wide range of possible diplomatic negotiations. Demands and offers will be made from both sides and you, as a commander, have the power to decide if you want to keep the relationship friendly or not. Your decisions will affect the story, producing different costs and benefits in keeping the aliens happy or not; and if they are not and everything goes to hell, call for reinforcements.

“From this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness and we will hold that line no matter the cost.” – Captain John J. Sheridan, Babylon 5

Battlestation – Humanity’s last hope will be available for Windows and Mac. The full release will be distributed as a DRM-free download, and stores include Steam (Game is already greenlit) and possibly GoG.

How can you help Battlestation become operational?

  • Grab yourself a pledge and help build a part of the Battlestation!
  • Buy Battlestation: Harbinger on mobile, you will love it!
  • Shoot us an encouraging comment in the comments section!
  • Help share this in social media, forums, reddit and other channels.
  • Join the Battlestation community:

Want to know if Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope is for you? We have developed two Battlestation mobile games, prequel mini games, which introduce the Battlestation universe.

Battlestation: Harbinger is the newest addition in the Battlestation mobile universe. It functions as a guide for us, proving the concept and working as a way for you to tell us what you like and what you would like to have in the game.

We are so confident in our game that we know that after playing Harbinger, you will not hesitate to back the full PC game. So, head over to your mobile game store and play Battlestation: Harbinger!

Note! 2 in 1. Buy Harbinger through Google Play or Apple App Store and you may choose the Harbinger edition pledges and get Humanity’s Last Hope cheaper.

No stretch goals. We don’t need no stinkin stretch goals. We nuked the stretch goals from orbit. Stretch goals are futile.

We feel that Battlestation deserves to be the best it can be, from the beginning. We are perfectionists, but we do not want this game to be delayed by project bloat and feature creep, therefore we have put all of the features that we want to make in the game already.

We have been in the games business for over 3 years now and we have been able to support ourselves. During this time we have successfully developed 4 games and we need your support to make Battlestation, a project beyond our financial means.

In addition to the Kickstarter funds, we have invested a lot of our own money and are thus heavily invested into the project already. We have also secured an investment, which will come to fruition if this Kickstarter is a success. The investment will double the $25 000 from Kickstarter. In addition to this we also have the ability to obtain a loan, if we have to – we have been pre-approved for it, but every dollar above 25k allows us to take less of that loan.

So, try out the mobile game, enjoy yourself, and even if you decide not to back the campaign, we would like to hear what you think!

Humanity had grown past the capacity of earth to support it. In the year 2259, colony ships were sent out on a mission to explore and colonize new worlds. What followed was an eventful time for humans, as new habitable planets were discovered and as numerous alien species were encountered. Conflicts were inevitable, but in the end diplomatic relations were established with each new race.

However, humans were not ready for what was about to happen – one by one, human colonies were annihilated. A dark force was on the move, and the threat was closing in on Earth, fast. Battlestation was built to be humanity’s last hope.

What made Babylon 5 so great was the deep and rich storyline. Battlestation focuses on the story for the game, creating a backstory and a world for Battlestation with significant depth. Every species has own story of how it came to be, how it evolved into a spacefaring species, and why it behaves in a certain way. The Battlestation book is another part of this saga, delving even deeper to the lore, giving the game an even more comprehensive story.

Regarding music and sound design, we have the pleasure to work with truly passionate individuals. Individuals, who want to bring you the best experience by creating music that casts you into the universe of Battlestation. A talented man named Liam Davis made the music for the Battlestation mini game, and below you can listen to theme tracks made for Battlestation by the skilled Ove Melaa.

With three mobile games already developed and released, Bugbyte has proved capable of executing.

Coming from a rich tradition in quality Finnish game design, and with all team members working together on-site, the core team is strong and passionate and eager to make great games.

Bugbyte also aims to combine entertainment and social responsibility, by donating some of the proceeds of the games. If you want to know more about us, visit:


Bugbyte is really fortunate to have many talented people help us create amazing stuff. We would like to give a special thank you to:

  • Ove Melaa – The man who made the epic music for our trailer.
  • Lucy Black – Giving a voice to Eden.
  • Liam Davis – Creating the mood setting music for Battlestation: Harbinger and Battlestation: First Contact.
  • Esko Haila – One of the awesome coders of the PC game.
  • Giuseppe Cucé – The graphic artist behind many of the new Characters and more.
  • Ville Häkänen – The graphic artist behind many of the 3D space ships.
  • Niki Olla – A graphic artist and all-around helper.
  • Anna Hämäläinen – Graphic artist helping us in the beginning.
  • Jenny Junkkila – Helping us in various ways.


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